Ayzaan Wahid

I am a software engineer at Robotics at Google working on research and infrastructure.

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Pete Florence, Corey Lynch, Andy Zeng, Oscar Ramirez, Ayzaan Wahid, Laura Downs, Adrian Wong, Johnny Lee, Igor Mordatch, Jonathan Tompson, Implicit Behavioral Cloning., CoRL 2021. [website][code]

Ayzaan Wahid, Austin Stone, Kevin Chen, Brian Ichter, Alexander Toshev, Learning Object-conditioned Exploration using Distributed Soft Actor Critic, CoRL 2020.

Andy Zeng, Pete Florence, Jonathan Tompson, Stefan Welker, Jonathan Chien, Maria Attarian, Travis Armstrong, Ivan Krasin, Dan Duong, Ayzaan Wahid, Vikas Sindhwani, Johnny Lee, Transporter Networks: Rearranging the Visual World for Robotic Manipulation, CoRL 2020. [website] [code]

Ayzaan Wahid, Alexander Toshev, Marek Fiser, Tsang-Wei Edward Lee, Long Range Neural Navigation Policies for the Real World, IROS 2019.

Arsalan Mousavian, Alexander Toshev, Marek Fiser, Jana Kosecka, Ayzaan Wahid, James Davidson, Visual Representations for Semantic Target Driven Navigation, ICRA 2019.